About Us

Volunteer Starkville is a 501(C)(3) nonprofit organization serving as the community volunteer center for Starkville and Oktibbeha County, MS and we are currently expanding our services for nonprofits to West Point/Clay County and Louisville/Winston County, Mississippi. We are 1 of 8 volunteer centers in the state of Mississippi. Please access our MS Volunteer Center Network Coverage Map and MS Volunteer Center Contact Information to learn more about where our other 7 volunteer centers are located.

As the community volunteer center, we serve as a clearing house for volunteerism striving to increase volunteer engagement within these communities. Being a one-stop resource for all things volunteering, Volunteer Starkville helps individuals and groups find volunteer opportunities that match his/her/their interests and/or skills while helping local nonprofits recruit volunteers for their volunteer needs.

Services for Volunteers

Volunteer Starkville is your link to getting involved in the local community through service. In addition to one-time, date-specific volunteer opportunities (such as community wide events for National Days of Service), we strive to provide you with information on a variety of ongoing volunteer opportunities that gives you a chance to really invest your time with a specific program of a local nonprofit and make a difference through service.

Services for NonProfits

Volunteer Starkville is a great resource for local nonprofits to

Our volunteer matching software GiveGab enables you to post volunteer opportunities at any time and begin recruiting volunteers for your organization! Volunteer Starkville and the Maroon Volunteer Center on the Mississippi State University Campus work hand in hand to make sure we connect the most volunteers from both the community and university campus to our local nonprofit partners. To make it easy on your organization, feel free to complete our Volunteer Request Form any time you have a new volunteer need and have little time – this request goes to both Volunteer Starkville and the Maroon Volunteer Center and we will make sure your information gets on both of our websites! To learn more about how to use GiveGab as a volunteer recruitment tool, check out our GiveGab Quick Guide for Nonprofits (PDF) and our GiveGab Guidance Manual for Nonprofits.

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Learn more about Volunteer Starkville’ mission, vision, Board of Directors,  staff members, partners, sponsors, etc. by visiting the pages listed below.