Deborah Frazier, Helping People Grow Through Service

Deborah Frazier is the current president of the MSU Collegiate Chapter of the NAACP (National Association for the Advancement of Colored People). Through her work in that organization, she has participated in many service activities, including volunteering at Palmer Home Thrift Store, West Point Animal Shelter, and Starkville Boys and Girls Club. She has also worked concession stands for Starkville High School, set up thrift store collection boxes, and helped build houses with Habitat for Humanity. All told, she volunteered 60 hours last year.

“Choosing to serve the community of Starkville has been an exciting and humbling experience,” Deborah said. “Seeing how helpful I can be to a person/group of people really encourages me to keep going. The people who I have volunteered for are so grateful for the help that they receive because it’s something that they really needed and I love being able to relieve some of their burden.”

Deborah plans to be a lawyer once she graduates, so that she can defend people in court who need her help the most. “This ties into my passion for service because I want to help people who could use my help whenever they need it,” she said.

Deborah is originally from Benton, MS, and is currently a junior at MSU. As president of the MSU NAACP chapter, she loves getting to know her members and educating them on social issues happening in America that affect minorities.