Why Register?

As the community volunteer center for Clay, Oktibbeha, and Winston Counties, Volunteer Starkville serves over 150 nonprofit and community organizations providing them with the following services at no cost to their organization:

  1. Provide assistance in the development of volunteer programs at their organization;
  2. Provide assistance with recruiting volunteers for their existing volunteer programs and events; and
  3. Provide their staff and volunteer leaders with trainings throughout the year which help their organization and staff operate more efficiently and grow more sustainable and financially stable over time.

In order to receive all of the services Volunteer Starkville provides to nonprofits, it is important Register with Volunteer Starkville as a Nonprofit Partner. To begin increasing awareness of your organization, recruiting volunteers and receiving information about local resources available to you, contact Volunteer Starkville today at 662.268.2865 or !

Read Testimonials from some of our Nonrpofit Partners here!

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