Get Help Recruiting Volunteers

Are you a local nonprofit or not-for-profit organization in need of help recruiting volunteers for your agency or for a specific event or service project you are managing? You can request assistance in recruiting volunteers from both Volunteer Starkville and the MSU Maroon Volunteer Center by completing our Volunteer Request Form. Please note that volunteer requests should be submitted at least three weeks in advance (before volunteers are needed) in order to appear in our weekly volunteer newsletters at least twice and to successfully recruit volunteers.

Register with Volunteer Starkville

If you do not currently have a Nonprofit Partner Account with Volunteer Starkville, please create your account before submitting the Volunteer Request Form! Click here to register. Once you have created a personal GiveGab account, you can search for your nonprofit on GiveGab! If you don’t find it, create a profile for your nonprofit so you can post your agency’s volunteer opportunities and begin recruiting volunteers today! If you are unsure if there is already a Nonprofit Partner account for your nonprofit, feel free to contact us to find out at

How to Use Our Volunteer Management Software – GiveGab

Can’t remember how to use our volunteer management software (GiveGab) to post a volunteer opportunity or update information in your Nonprofit Partner account? No worries! We have created the following resources to help you!
GiveGab Quick Guide for Nonprofits (PDF)

Resources for Managing Volunteers

Volunteers are vital to many nonprofits and play an important role in the success of their missions. Therefore, mobilizing and organizing a strong volunteer base is crucial. The ISOTURE model is a great  guide to volunteer management composed of a set of seven steps (Identification, Selection, Orientation, Training, Utilization, Recognition, and Evaluation) that a volunteer coordinator or manager can use to help volunteers become more involved and effective concerning the nonprofit’s mission and programs.

Every fall, Volunteer Starkville hosts a Volunteer Management Training Series featuring five 2-3 hour training workshops breaking down the volunteer management process based on the ISOTURE Model and nonprofit board development. Read more about our volunteer management trainings here. Below we have provided several publications on volunteer management as well as various volunteer management worksheets to help you create documents such as Volunteer Position Descriptions, Volunteer Interest Sheets, etc. within your nonprofit to help you better manage volunteers.

Volunteer Identification & Selection/Recruitment Resources

Volunteer Orientation & Training Resources

Today’s Volunteer / The Volunteer Experience Resources

Volunteer Utilization, Recognition & Evaluation Resources

Resource Guide (Provided by Family Centered Programs)

2015 – 2016 Resource Guide: Community Resources for Oktibbeha County and Surrounding Areas