Testimonials from Nonprofits

Oktoc Animal Rescue

Oktoc Animal Rescue“Volunteer Starkville has really been a catalyst to help us get our feet on solid ground as a new non-profit. Not only have they been a bridge to connect us with other local non-profits, they have also helped us get our name out in the community. They have provided some wonderful partnership opportunities for our organization and we have made some good friends and supporters as a direct result of the connections Volunteer Starkville facilitated for us. We have also benefitted from attending many of the webinars that they have hosted with Caldwell Leadership Solutions topics such as maximizing community engagement and collaboration and accounting 101 for nonprofits. I have personally enjoyed all my interactions with Volunteer Starkville and they have really given Oktoc Animal Rescue a strong “leg-up” at the time when we were just getting started. A hearty THANK YOU to all at Volunteer Starkville! We are so grateful for your partnership with Oktoc Animal Rescue!”

– Wendy Gullett, Director


The Salvation Army

The Salvation Army“Volunteer Starkville has been a huge help for The Salvation Army in many different ways. We can count on Volunteer Starkville to connect us to volunteer groups and individuals who are looking to serve their community for just 1 hour or for several hours and days. The help from these individuals allows us to better serve our customers and clients. The volunteer management trainings provided by Volunteer Starkville have equipped us with the tools needed to best serve and engage our volunteers. We can rely on Volunteer Starkville to connect us not only to volunteers but also to the community as a whole as they share our mission and needs.”

– Katie Walker 
Service Center Manager-Starkville, MS


Starkville Area Arts Council

Starkville Area Arts Council“Volunteer Starkville provides us with all the resources and support needed to recruit, utilize and maintain our volunteers.  We are most appreciative of their attentiveness to what’s going on in our organization and updating our information on their website accordingly.  Their Lunch and Learns are extremely informative on volunteer engagement and appreciation as well as basic non-profit management.  Thank you, Volunteer Starkville, for all your hard work and assistance in meeting our volunteer needs. ”


Fresh Start at Emerson Preschool

Fresh Start Emerson Preschool“Fresh Start is a program run strictly by volunteers, and Volunteer Starkville has been instrumental in helping to recruit and retain volunteers. The staff is so knowledgeable and always available and willing to help in any way. ”

– Amanda Dahl, Volunteer Coordinator



Christian World Missions Christian World Missions

“For more than 40 years, Christian World Missions has reached out to impoverished and marginalized people around the world. In 2012, we realized that there was so much for us to do right here in Starkville, we were concerned about the lack of visibility we had locally.  Most of our support and contact came through conferences and meetings we had all across the U.S., but very little had been done to advance the name of CWM locally.  One of our employees had worked with Jamey Bachman and Volunteer Starkville on other projects and he suggested that we contact her.  I never even knew there was such an organization – created and existing specifically for the purpose of linking volunteer-minded people with non-profits who needed help!  From the very start, Volunteer Starkville came alongside us with great ideas, contacts, and support.  We have come to know many wonderful people in our community, and received all kinds of help from them, from working on construction and landscaping projects, to working with children, teens, and adults in our outreach program.  In addition to many hours of volunteer service, we have also received excellent information concerning fund raising, volunteer appreciation, and other essential tools for a successful non-profit.  Our program would not have advanced as quickly as it had, were it not for Volunteer Starkville.  We are grateful for all that they do for us and for our community.”


– Lee Ann Williamson

Executive Director


Noxubee National Wildlife RefugeSam D. Hamilton Noxubee National Wildlife Refuge

Volunteer Starkville has helped us grow from having less than 100 volunteer hours performed on an average month to more than 600 hours on most months. Activities like the Noxubee Refuge’s monthly Canoe Event continue to occur because of the volunteer support obtained through contacts made through Volunteer Starkville.

– Steve Raegan, Project Leader


Starkville Area Habitat for HumanityStarkville Area Habitat for Humanity

“The mission of the Starkville Area Habitat for Humanity is to end substandard housing in Oktibbeha County and break a family’s cycle of poverty by using home-ownership as a foundation for asset development and offer volunteers an opportunity to practice their faith through service. In order to keep the cost of a Habitat home at an affordable price for low income families, it is necessary that labor to build the home be performed by volunteers meaning volunteers are the key to the success of the Starkville Habitat ministry.

Starkville Habitat for Humanity is blessed to have Volunteer Starkville, a strong recruitment agency with excellent recruitment tools to attract and send volunteers to Starkville Habitat.  Volunteer Starkville goes the extra mile to assure the greatest success with volunteer recruitment for Starkville Habitat to include assuring Habitat’s profile is up to date and attractive to volunteers.

The behind the scene work on behalf of Volunteer Starkville is also evident as new means for volunteer outreach  continue to be implemented. Most meaningful to our Spring Collegiate Challenge Program bringing in four out of state groups volunteering a week each and consisting of approximately 25 volunteers each was Volunteer Starkville’s involvement with the program.  The first day at the worksite at 7:45 am, Executive Director of Volunteer Starkville (Jamey Bachman) brings homemade muffins and orange juice, meets each group providing to each volunteer a special welcome to Starkville and extending a special thank you for giving up their spring break and financing a trip to help build a Starkville Habitat home for a needy family.  Starting the work week with such a warm welcome and appreciation provides for each volunteer a desire to give their best for the week’s accomplishment.

Volunteer Starkville is not only helping recruit volunteers to build a home for a needy family, it is also helping change the lives of Starkville families and provide a local mission opportunity.  Perhaps best stated by a Habitat Partner Family, ‘Being a Habitat family has made us grow as a family.  It changes the way you look at your life and your expectations.’  From the standpoint of local mission opportunity – as stated by one volunteer, ‘Habitat boosts my confidence in myself and I know I can do anything I set my mind to; it provides me with a sense of accomplishment, and I can step back and say “’Wow, look what I helped do; I get a chance to meet some amazing people, and lastly, there is absolutely nothing better than the feeling I get when I know I’m making a difference in someone’s life.”’

Thank you Volunteer Starkville for helping provide volunteers as well as the many ways you impact the lives of so many people through your service.”


– Peggy Branch, Office Manager


Relay for LifeMagnolia Grace Relay for Life Team

“Volunteer Starkville has been a great help to the Magnolia Grace Relay for Life team.  We had some wonderful volunteers for our MSU football program sales last season who made a positive impact not only on the sale of programs, but also on some other team members that were helping as well. I know that I can depend on volunteers who come through Volunteer Starkville to be courteous, respectful, and eager to go the distance to make a difference.  For all that you’ve done, and all that you continue to do, I thank you.”

– Caleb Rich, Volunteer Coordinator



Oktibbeha County Humane SocietyOktibbeha County Humane Society

“Volunteer Starkville has helped the Oktibbeha County Humane Society in several important ways.  As coordinator for prospective animal shelter volunteers, I really had no idea how to go about the job beyond following up on requests for information. The workshops given by Volunteer Starkville helped me immeasurably.  As much as the workshop presentations themselves, the contributions by the others at the workshops also expanded my knowledge. In addition to the workshops, Volunteer Starkville staff members are always willing to answer any questions thrown their way.  Volunteer Starkville also organizes an annual Community Volunteer Fair and publicizes our organization in other ways that helps us attract volunteers.”

– Sherrie Wiygul, Volunteer Coordinator


Oktibbeha County Heritage MuseumOktibbeha County Heritage Museum

The Oktibbeha County Heritage Museum has benefited from enrolling with Volunteer Starkville as a Nonprofit Partner. Not only have they helped us recruit some much needed volunteers to help keep the museum open to the public, we have also been connected with volunteers who have computer expertise to assess museum artifacts and our membership listing.

– Joan Wilson, Volunteer Coordinator


Sally Kate Winters Family ServicesSally Kate Winters Family Services

Volunteer Starkville has really helped Sally Kate Winters plug into the community through community outreach events and professional network opportunities. The volunteer management training program has helped us improve our volunteer program and network with other nonprofits facing similar issues. Not only has VS helped us recruit volunteers for our agency’s needs, but they have also helped us identify new ways we can utilize volunteers to increase our capacity.

– Heather Usry, Volunteer Coordinator


Catch-A-Dream FoundationCatch-A-Dream Foundation

Volunteer Starkville has been a tremendous resource for our Foundation.  Executive Director Jamey Bachman is easy to work with, and understands the varying, and sometimes unique, needs of volunteer-based non-profit programs.   Though based in Starkville, our Program serves children and families across North America, and we engage volunteers across the same geographic span.  That broad footprint has sometimes resulted in loss of focus in the local Starkville community.    Volunteer Starkville has provided us a platform to more fully engage the greater Starkville community and to directly and personally involve volunteers from the local area. Additionally, thanks to Volunteer Starkville, we now have an easy, efficient and accurate means of tracking volunteer service hours, regardless of where the service occurred.  Add to this to benefit of periodic educational sessions and seminars, and it is clear that Volunteer Starkville has contributed significantly to our continued success and growth.

– Martin W. Brunson, CEO


Golden Triangle's Walk to End Alzheimer'sGolden Triangle Walk to End Alzheimer’s Executive Committee

“Volunteer Starkville has proven to be a wonderful asset for the Golden Triangle Walk to End Alzheimer’s. Their partnership with us in providing volunteer help has made us much more effective by allowing us to focus on our primary job of raising funds and awareness to combat this terrible disease. We strongly support their place in our community as a non profit partner.”

– Cindy Brown, Walk Chair


Starkville Soccer AssociationStarkville Soccer Association and the Impact Football Club

“As Director of Coaching and Tournament Director of Starkville Soccer Association and Impact Football Club, I would like to extend my greatest gratitude to Volunteer Starkville for their assistance in making each event we hold a success. Volunteer Starkville has helped us fill over (75) volunteer positions over the past two years. These events have helped bring exposure to Starkville Soccer Association as well as the city of Starkville. Volunteer Starkviile is always quick to promote events, find volunteers for multiple positions, and keep our nonprofit organization connected with other organizations. There have been multiple times where the success of the event was directly correlated to how many volunteers we could secure, and Volunteer Starkville has helped us have success. We cannot say thanks enough for the time and energy that Volunteer Starkville puts into keeping our community connected, interdependent, and growing. Starkville Soccer Association and Impact Football Club thank you from the bottom of our hearts and we look forward to continuing our great relationship.”

-Mark Farmer, Director of Coaching


Legacy-Hospice-Logo-Knot-Only-2012Legacy Hospice of the South

“I cannot express how much Volunteer Starkville has helped me with my volunteer program. According to Medicare guidelines, 5% of hours spent with our patients are required to be by volunteers, and Volunteer Starkville has all but eliminated the recruitment aspect for me. I have a constant stream of potential new volunteers contacting me, and that allows me to focus more on the volunteers themselves and making sure our patient’s needs are met versus having to focus on recruitment. I attended the training sessions at Volunteer Starkville when I first took over as Volunteer Coordinator 3 years ago. They helped guide and shape my program into what it is today. I currently have 29 volunteers and am operating at 10% of our hours being provided by volunteers.”

-Polly Briggs


Louisville Winston County Excel by 5Excel By 5 Coalition

“Volunteer Starkville is a wonderful resource and support for our local nonprofit organizations.  They have assisted us in scheduling our community events by sharing events already on the community calendar so our dates will not conflict.  They help us recruit volunteers to assist us with our events.  This is a tremendous support as it is often hard to find volunteers. I have had the opportunity to attend some of the trainings/workshops that Volunteer Starkville has held.  All were a great opportunity to network with other nonprofits and they sent us home with valuable information to strengthen our organizations. When I give updates to other Excel By 5 Coalitions and mention the services of Volunteer Starkville the communities envy us as they see the need for a Volunteer Support System in their communities.”

-Ellen Goodman


world neighbors associationWorld Neighbor’s Association (WNA)

“I wish to premise my testimonial by saying that Volunteer Starkville has been an indispensable resource for all the organizations I am involved with including the Starkville Lions Club, Cemetery Association, Starkville Area Arts Council, Starkville-MSU Symphony  Association; and to the greater community in general. Regarding specifically World Neighbors Association (WNA) of which I can be considered a lifetime member and sustaining leader, I can say that Volunteer Starkville had been exceedingly beneficial not only in providing volunteers physically but more importantly in including our events in your periodic promotion in the media. WNA did not keep records, although now we think we should, of the number of volunteers, what that they did, and how long they rendered service at any one time, but I can attest that Volunteer Starkville/Maroon Volunteers have reliably provided volunteers to the three major events that World Neighbors Association do every year.  These are the International Fiesta usually held on the first Saturday of April at the MSU campus, the International Village held in conjunction with Cotton District Arts Festival every third Saturday of April, and the Thanksgiving Dinner held on Thanksgiving Day at the Christian Life Center of the First United Methodist Church.  We do not specifically request for volunteers for the Thanksgiving Dinner because of family/hometown commitments.  Nevertheless, we have noticed occasionally that many of your regular volunteers who are members of FUMC have participated in the Thanksgiving Dinner. Needless to say, the help of volunteers, regardless of their motivation, have tremendously aided in the successful staging of our events; without their help WNA and organizations in general would have difficult time accomplishing their events to a successful end. I have personally, and perhaps two or three of WNA members, have attended one of your management and capacity building trainings at one time or another.  Yes, they were certainly of much help in our own volunteer work, but again of more importance, are the lessons learned and leadership tips gained in recruiting and motivating new volunteers, as well as keeping volunteers continually inspired.”

-Ruth De La Cruz


Modern WoodmenModern Woodmen of America

“I have been associated with Volunteer Starkville since 2012.  In that time, I’ve watched the organization grow from a hope-to-be volunteer center to an example for all other volunteer centers to follow.  In my job as a financial representative for a fraternal organization, I not only help people plan their financial futures, but I also work with our members in community service activities in and around Starkville. Volunteer Starkville has been instrumental in literally every one of those activities, not only with providing additional volunteers, but also with getting the word out to our community that the projects were taking place.  Jamey Bachman takes the time to know in-depth what an organization needs for their projects and programs, and she usually becomes involved herself.  In 2015, our local Modern Woodmen chapters contributed more than $30,000 in real dollars, not to mention countless man hours, back to our community.  We couldn’t have done this so successfully without Volunteer Starkville.”

-Barbara Coats