Track Your Hours

You may never know just how beneficial your volunteer experience will be to you now or in the future. For example, you may be able to list your service experience on your resume if it is relevant to a job you are applying for or it could be very valuable information to list on a college scholarship application!

Therefore, it is very important to keep records of your volunteer experience and include the following information: dates and hours served, a description of the tasks you performed, skills used while volunteering, and contact information for the supervisors and organizations you volunteer for. There are several ways you can easily track and document your volunteer experience and develop your record of service. Please read below about each record keeping method to see which one suits you best!

Log Your Volunteer Hours Online!

Once you register as a volunteer, you have created a personal volunteer account on Volunteer Starkville’s website. This volunteer account will enable you to keep track of your service record by logging your volunteer hours online. Below we have provided a PDF file that lists the easy steps to aid you in registering as a volunteer and then logging your volunteer hours online!

Track Your Volunteer Hours Digitally Using Our Microsoft Excel Template!

If you would like to track your volunteer hours by keeping a detailed spreadsheet of your volunteer hours, we have created a template for you! Please download the appropriate Microsoft Excel file listed below.

Track Your Volunteer Hours the Old Fashioned Way – Write it Down!

If you prefer to keep a paper service record, we have created a template for you too! Please download the appropriate PDF file listed below.