GYSD Youth Service & Leadership Training Series

Volunteer Starkville hosts an annual GYSD Youth Service & Leadership Training Series December – April for juniors and seniors attending a high school in Oktibbeha County, MS. The purpose of this training program is to integrate youth voice and youth leadership into our community through service on Global Youth Service Day (GYSD), train our Starkville/Oktibbeha County youth to become volunteer leaders in our community, and aid them in preparing for college and their careers. By participating in this program, youth participants will not only be empowered to plan and implement their own GYSD project while working with other youth, but they will also be equipped to lead service projects to meet needs in our community in the future. Youth participants will also gain valuable knowledge that will help them prepare for college and their career.

We will be accepting only 40 participants for the 2017-2018 program and students will have to complete a program application and undergo an interview to compete for a position. Program participants must be either a Junior or Senior in High School located in Oktibbeha County. The deadline to submit an application is Tuesday, October 31, 2017 by 5:00 PM. To register, complete the application for your high school provided below and submit to the counselor listed in the application.

  • 2016-2017 GYSD Youth Service & Leadership Training Program Application – Starkville Academy (Coming Soon)
  • 2016-2017 GYSD Youth Service & Leadership Training Program Application – Starkville Christian School (Coming Soon)
  • 2016-2017 GYSD Youth Service & Leadership Training Program Application – Starkville High School (Coming Soon)

Volunteer Leader Training for Individuals & Groups

Volunteer Starkville offers a 2-hour Volunteer Leader Training for individuals and groups who are interested in learning more on how to become active, engaged citizens in their community through service. Planning a successful service project takes time and attention to details and planning for a large scale project can be overwhelming without the right structural foundation. This training walks participants through a 7-step process to to successfully plan a service project that addresses a community need they have identified. Each participant is provided with a Service Project Planning Toolkit to use throughout the service project planning and implementation process.

This training is hosted on demand. If you or your group members are interested in going through our Volunteer Leader training, please contact Daphne Knox or 662.617.8162.

Volunteer Leader Training for Nonprofit Volunteers

Volunteer Starkville offers a 5-hour Volunteer Leader Training for volunteers of nonprofit organizations who already serve in a Volunteer Leader Role. Managing volunteers can be a challenging responsibility, especially when you are managing multiple personalities.

This training is hosted on demand. If the Volunteer Leaders at your nonprofit organization could benefit from learning more about managing volunteers, we will be happy to host a Volunteer Leader Training for them. Please contact Daphne Knox at or 662.617.8162 to coordinate a training session.