Ms. Smith’s Educational Services, Changing Lives Through Education

Ms. Smith

Ms. Smith’s Educational Services Inc. is a non-profit organization that focuses on the educational development of students. They strive to create a fun-loving atmosphere where their students will realize their unique potential and develop a love for learning while strengthening their reading, math, and writing skills. Each student will receive the support needed to reach their academic goals while developing their character and leadership potential. Ms. Smith’s objective is to provide opportunities to develop problem solving and critical thinking skills in each student.

Ms. Smith’s Educational Services offers educational services all year long – including but not limited to ACT Testing Preparation; GED Exam Preparation; ASVAB Preparation; Post-Secondary Education; Praxis Preparation; Resume Writing; Career Preparation; Character Building; Test Taking Strategies; College Enrollment/Financial Aid; High School Alternative Route; After-School Tutoring(K-12) and a Summer Academic Camp.

They are always looking for volunteers to assist with administrative duties, tutor students in the High School Alternative Program, as well as, in the after-school program and summer academic camp. Because of the age population of Ms. Smith’s Educational Services students, the following, dress code and appearance standard is highly encouraged: *Dress modestly – no short shorts, low-cut shirts, tight clothing, torn clothing, or mid-drift shirts. Also, leggings are allowed, but only if shirt covers below the waistline. The after-school program runs from August to May. This program is structured to compliment the school curriculum through tutoring, homework, reading, writing and math assignments. The academic summer camp runs June and July and is designed to allow students to experience learning through field trips and hands-on-learning activities to prepare them for the upcoming school year.

As a nonprofit, they rely heavily on fundraisers to off-set the expenses, and therefore, are always in need of support for these events. If there is an interest in spearheading a fundraiser event, please let them know! They are open to new ideas and additional resources.

To find out more information about volunteer opportunities at Ms. Smith’s Educational Services, visit their GiveGab page or contact Tonya Davis at 662.552.5570 or