Volunteers Needed: Mississippi Migrant Parent Advisory Council

Child MentorMigrant parents play pivotal role in their children’s education. Mississippi Migrant Parent Advisory Council meetings and other parental involvement activities build parents’ capacity to assist their children with the learning process and enable them to understand Migrant Education Program and assist with adjusting it to their needs. Most Mississippi migrant families’ mother tongue is Spanish, so this is a great opportunity if you want to practice. Knowledge of Spanish is not required, though, as these children attend Mississippi schools and speak English, too.

The MS Migrant Parent Advisory Council will be hosting a day event at the Natural History Museum in Jackson, MS on April 22 from 10:30 am to 3 pm (at venue, plus travel time prior and after). Transportation is preferably by personal vehicle – mileage reimbursed, or possibility of pick-up and drop-off in Starkville. Volunteers will assist with educational activities for migrant children at the Natural Science Museum and serve food and drinks during lunch.

For more information, click here or contact Monika Lorinczova at  or 601-609-0283.