World Neighbors Association, Fostering Peace Through Friendships

The World Neighbors Association (WNA) is all about international sharing and caring. The Association is a group of MSU students, faculty, and community members who feel that communication and friendship are important to facilitate world peace and understanding. They strive to facilitate activities that promote intercultural exchange between international students, faculty, and community residents.

The WNA has a number of opportunities to encourage cultural understanding. The WNA partners with the United Methodist Church for a Thanksgiving dinner where volunteers can assist with cooking and dining with new friends. They also host the International Fiesta and the International Village (during the Cotton District Arts Festival) in April. Volunteers are needed for the planning, preparation, and implementation of the event.

If you are looking to learn about other cultures, make new friends, and have a blast, then volunteer with WNA! For those interested in volunteering, contact Joan Mylroie at or 662.324.1272.